Rohit Jha

Managing Director

Rohit Jha joined LAMINAAR India – then known as Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. or SDS – in 1996 and earned his way to become its CTO. With over two decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of civil aviation operations, Rohit dons the hat of Lead System Analyst and Co-Architect of all the software products under design and development at LAMINAAR India. Rohit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Law, besides a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications, from Mumbai University.

Arvind Saksena

Executive Director

Col Arvind Saksena (Retd) has decades of experience in Defence, Airlines and Information Technology, leading heterogeneous and multi-cultural teams and providing leadership to business. He has to his credit many a successful implementation of large-scale enterprise IT solutions across business operations, BPO services, software development and M&A. He was twice recipient of the CIO 100 award by IDG Group for his initiatives and innovations at the workplace. Arvind’s work has seen mention in ‘CIO’ and ‘Voice and Data’ besides articles, such as ‘Nuances of IT in M&A’ that he has authored, which have been published in leading IT journals.

Vivekanand Sheorey


Vivekanand Sheorey – Vicky – the co-founder of LAMINAAR, is an ex-military aviator-turned aviation business analyst, software architect and multimedia designer. In his 12 years with the IAF, he flew frontline strike aircraft, logging 1000+ hours on HAL HF-24 Maruts, MiG-21Ms and MiG-23BNs. Retiring as a Squadron Leader, he started Sheorey Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. (SDS) and grew it into a successful aviation infotech company.

At LAMINAAR, Vicky is the CEO, chief business analyst and the chief application software designer. He is passionate about aviation training and safety and this single-minded focus helped him create products ARMS®, InfoPrompt® and Delta.Net®, counted among the best in the world.

Vicky has a degree in commerce from the University of Nagpur. Upon graduating from the India Air Force Academy, he was commissioned in IAF as military aviator in 1979.