The Challenge

  • On the critical Crew and Ops functions, BTI was confronted with the travails of working with a legacy system that was fast getting obsolete
  • Affordability was another issue, with increasing maintenance costs of a system with depleted abilities
  • Ability to self-control application parameters / KPIs as per changing business imperatives and being entirely dependent on a very large application provider for the smallest of changes
  • Rigidity to customize and the few that were undertaken were at a high cost

The Solution

  • BTI considered ARMS® for a possible replacement of the incumbent and following a six-month extensive due diligence process chose to go with a phased implementation
  • The solution consisted of:
  • Crew Management Sub-system (CMSS)
  • Flight Operations Sub-system (FOSS)
  • Commercial Planning Sub-system (CPSS) along with Optimizers
  • ARMS® on the TAB® (EFB)
  • The ownership model was based on a one-time license purchase with turnkey project implementation onsite at Riga

The Result

  • Monetary: The TCO for the entire system was the equivalent of the AMC budget with the incumbent application software provider
  • Technology: The introduction of Optimizers with the freedom to run the application at will with no restrictions was leap in technology and user experience
  • Customization: The ease, rapidity and affordability of a bespoke solution
  • Support: Onsite Project Management and 24×7 remote support was provided