The Challenge

  • The ISD department that was set to implement a well known system was thrown into disarray due to the management’s decision to opt for ARMS® for the value it brought to the table.
  • Resistance and an air of non-cooperation
  • Being a first client in the Far East Asian region brought issues of cultural sensitivity and associated challenges.
  • A tight project schedule and high expectations.
  • Multiple iterations in defining customization requirements.

The Solution

  • ARMS® Operations Suite was deployed on a turnkey solution basis, deployed on CEB’s local servers on a one-time license. It comprised:
    • Commercial Planning Sub-System (CPSS)
    • Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS)
    • Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)
    • The System was were purchased by CEB
  • The solution included:
    • Project Management
    • Data Services
    • Training
    • Customization
    • Technical and Warranty Support

The Result

  • Successful deployment despite a project over run of 50% primarily attributed to scope changes.
  • Breakdown of the initial resistance and complete change of attitude during and after project implementation.
  • Upgradation to ARMS® V2.5
  • High degree of process automation and operational efficiency.