Gulf Helicopters

The Challenge

  • GHC’s unique operating model called for a completely customized solution with key operational elements mapped to a rotary fleet
  • Unification of key functional areas and automation across legacy data silos, much as handwritten records
  • Archaic MIS and reporting systems with little coherence to management requirement
  • Change management for a work-force attuned to manual processes

The Solution

An integrated solution across the operational realm, GHC adopted the following ARMS® applications in a calibrated manner:

  • ARMS® Lite
  • Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS)
  • Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)
  • Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis (FDMA)
  • Safety & Quality Management Sub-System (SQMS)
  • Integrated Training Management Sub-System (ITMS)
  • ARMS on the TAB®

The Result

  • Records, work-flow monitoring and MIS: showed drastic reduction in time taken to handle tasks and resources to handle those tasks
  • Statutory compliance, particularly on FDTL, an erstwhile pain area, was completely streamlined with the automation of records management
  • Customization led to the creation of a unique module viz. PAXTRAC, to help GHC track personnel on the rigs in addition to managing other logistics such as hotac and the DBCS/ Helideck Directory
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