SIA Group

The Challenge

  • Time-delaying manual processes of generating Load-sheets and NOTOCs by Load Control Officers (LCOs) and obtaining their sign-offs on tarmac from Captain and Load Master pre-departure
  • Added burden of using critical air-side resources and infrastructure in a live operational area posing an air safety risk

The Solution

  • Combination of ARMS® Load & Trim (LNT) application with the ARMS® on TAB (AOT) mobility system, achieving the distribution e-Loads-heets and e-NOTOCs to Captains and Load Masters for their digital sign-off
  • Simultaneous distribution to multiple agencies, utilizing ARMS Notifications Engine in multiple compatible formats, digital and print

The Result

  • Enhanced safety in the load control process
  • Reduction of TAT by 100% with complete automation of a manual task
  • Alignment with SLK’s initiatives for paperless workflows
  • Increased Tarmac Safety
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