• Deploy secure information systems, manage your assets and resources efficiently
  • Stay mission ready, alert and formidable!


  • Transition to proactive & predictive safety practices. Go paperless, automate processes, consolidate data. Ensure visibility and transparency for all stakeholders
  • Enforce compliance, safety and security!


  • Deploy secure information systems, manage your assets and resources efficiently
  • Stay mission ready, alert and formidable!

Applicable Solution Mix

  • Ensure mission readiness at all times with our seamlessly integrated application suite covering Flight Operations and M&E functions
  • Maintain your fleet in peak operational state with our just-in-time (JIT) logistics system and a built-in paperless tech-pubs environment
  • Portable system design ensures rapid mobilization in base and field conditions without compromising security
  • Ruggedized front-ends ensure high availability and security in extreme and hostile conditions
ARMS® Mobility Solutions
  • Empower your workforce with anytime, anyplace connectivity; notify and interact with the system using web browser, tablets and smartphones
  • Assign, sign-on, sign-off, close loop documentation, reporting and monitoring of tasks on mobile interfaces
  • Refer manuals, SOPs, checklists – access knowledge libraries
  • Collaborate, communicate, interact, consult in the real time
  • Go paperless with a central information repository
  • Author, edit your Tech Pubs, SOPs, manuals in-house with ease
  • Digitize your regulatory paperwork into eDocs, e-libraries, e-archives
  • Centrally publish and securely disseminate eDocs and manuals online
  • Data Migration Support
  • System Migration Support
  • Data Exploitation
  • Integration Support
  • Training & Workshops
  • Documentation Support
  • Digitization Services
  • Ensure competency levels of workforce are maintained at its peak; control training costs and budgets with our integrated e-Learning and on-line training system


The ARMS® Engineering Suite covers all processes under Part 145 & Part M regulations, to automate workflows and bring efficiency to the flight lines and hangars, keeping processes compliant and airworthiness at its peak.

ARMS® Engineering & Maintenance Sub-System (EMSS)

  • Auto-generates call-outs and work packages
  • Delivers e-work-packages, ETL, e-Docs, e-Forms etc., on tablets
  • Comprises Quality Assurance and Audits – compliant with FAA CASS
  • Includes an integrated document management system (InfoPrompt®)

ARMS® Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (LIMS)

  • Enables just-in-time (JIT) positioning of parts
  • Optimizes inventory for cost reduction
  • Analyses consumption patterns and unscheduled removals
  • Provides real-time stock visibility and requisitioning from smartphones and tablets
  • Auto generates procurement advice based on analytics
  • Brings a unified view of inventory across entire supply chain

ARMS® Integrated Crew Management Sub System (CMSS)

Complete HRMS for engineering & maintenance resources with the following capabilities:

  • Planning & assignment of duties
  • Training & skill development
  • Duty time and fatigue risk management
  • Workforce Development program management for organizational effectiveness (WD&OE), crew quality of life and total employee experience (TEE)
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ARMS® Mobility Solutions

On and off-line applications designed for current generation Tablets and Smart Phones for enhanced automation and process efficiency in-flight and on-ground.

A part of the ARMS® suite, seamlessly integrated with all the other Sub-Systems (e.g., Engineering & Maintenance, Flight Operations, Crew Management, with the following highlights:

  • Unified Communications interface (when online) between crew, management, back-office staff and support service providers
  • Task Management – call outs, task generation – monitoring & closure
  • On-line Reference Library – for tech pubs, reference guides, checklists and SOPs
  • Crew Portal – personalized workspace for day-to-day chores, e.g., leave application, expense claims
  • Records & Training – real time access to records, certifications, training requirements and calendar
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Go paperless with InfoPrompt® – an enterprise class documentation, information and content management system InfoPrompt®.

Collaborative Authoring & Publishing Sub-system (CAPS)

  • Simplifies the process of authoring, editing and revising large technical publications and policy manuals
  • Supports multiple stylesheets rendering various output formats
  • Content can be hyperlinked within the publication, as also, externally to other projects
  • Collaborative authoring enables multiples users to work on a single publication project simultaneously
  • Review and Approval workflows ensure information security, integrity and confidentiality

InfoPrompt® server

  • Creates user-definable taxonomy structures for the content libraries
  • Enforces highly granular levels of access control…down to object level
  • User-definable metadata fields to improve search functionality
  • Meta-notes-on-file feature allows users to place non-invasive comments on content
  • Content routing and forwarding remains contained within the database, and is accessed only by authorized users
  • Built-in scanner support for digitizing paper and film

eDocs reader

  • Available on Windows app, browser and tablet environments
  • Windows app ensures highest level of security restricting content access from IP Address and or MAC Address
  • Users can create individual taxonomy structures and organize content as ‘’favorites’’
  • Content remains ‘read-only’ with the facility to add meta-notes-on-file to exchange comments amongst co-users
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We value add to our ARMS® solutions with services that include migration, integration, documentation, digitization and training. We deliver on a turnkey basis or on-demand, to ensure smooth transition, managed change and early adoption of the new system (ARMS®) with minimal risk of disruption to business processes.

Data migration

  • We extract, transform, integrate data from fragmented silos, to the ARMS® unified database and data warehouse, transforming your enterprise data assets into a cohesive data repository

System migration

  • Our experienced team reduces the burden on your resources, becoming your single window of responsibility; whether transition from on-premise to cloud or legacy to next-gen migration, or both we ensure early return on investment (ROI) and user adoption, while minimizing business continuity risks

Data exploitation

  • Data lying fragmented across disparate silos cannot be exploited to full potential . We collate, consolidate your data into a unified database and normalize it into a data warehouse. This enables its easy exploitation through Business Intelligence tools to help you gain Analytical Maturity

Integration support

  • Moving data across disparate systems is challenging and expensive, plus, done manually, impacts data integrity. Also dependent on age, architecture, platforms and formats
  • We develop bespoke interfaces for seamless exchange of data between systems, that minimizes human intervention ensuring data integrity of the highest level

Training & Workshops

  • Be it training triggered by change of system, upgrades and customizations, advances in technology or staff turnover, by our on-demand training and workshops, we cover the entire spectrum of your training requirements: initial, recurrent, just-in-time or online
  • Our team of domain experts are always available to offer you bespoke training packages and workshops online or on-site


  • To meet every regulatory compliance requirement, we help you maintain external and internal documentation like Tech Pubs, Policy Manuals, SOPs, etc., saving you the time and specialist skills, and unnecessary overheads
  • Our document and content management services cover authoring with consistent quality and compliance across formatting, editing, revision control and publications. All documents can be delivered as conventional hard-copy prints or in paperless formats (XML / HTML / PDF) for distribution through web-portals, tablets / smartphones

Digitization services

  • To preserve records of equipment and crew and provide on-demand access of these while they are in active service, and post, when records are required to be available in easily retrievable archives. Conventional methods of records storage and archival occupy expensive real estate and require sophisticated systems for preservation and retrieval
  • We help you digitalize conventional sources of records (paper, magnetic tapes, microfiche, etc.,) to user friendly formats. Digitized content is then delivered along with content management archival and retrieval software (InfoPrompt®) as a comprehensive solution. Records can then be accessed online with the requisite security levels.
  • Once the initial records are digitalized, we offer the option to convert your recording templates to ‘eForms’ thus eliminating the repetitive process of digitalization and porting records directly on to a database
  • Digitalization reduces cost of record preservation and increases retrieval efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance. Whereas, eForms eliminates digitalization and the associated processes and costs
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A comprehensive solution to manage the entire education training and learning process. It modernizes and automates conventional pedagogy through innovative implementation of IT, Multimedia and Computer Graphics.

Delta.Net® is specifically designed

For “curriculum-based” training establishments and educational institutions that are constrained by cost, time, geographical limitations, human resources and training assets.

Delta.Net® integrates multiple disciplines into a single solution

  • Learning Management
  • Computer Based Instruction
  • Education MIS
  • Performance Support
  • Human Resource Management
  • Campus Resource Planning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Document Management
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  • Transition to proactive & predictive safety practices. Go paperless, automate processes, consolidate data. Ensure visibility and transparency for all stakeholders
  • Enforce compliance, safety and security!