Greater Bay Airlines engages Laminaar Aviation Infotech to optimize and digitalize its expanding network

August 7, 2023 - Singapore


laminaar arms greater bay airlines engages laminaar aviation infotech to optimize and digitalize its expanding networkLaminaar Aviation Infotech Pte Ltd., Singapore (LAMINAAR) announced today that Greater Bay Airlines, Hong Kong (HGB) has entered into an agreement with the company to establish an important partnership to streamline and accelerate the digital transformation of the airline’s operations.

Hong Kong based Greater Bay Airlines is a leading scheduled passenger and cargo airline operating a growing fleet of aircraft across the APAC region.

LAMINAAR has deployed key elements of its flagship application software – ARMS® (Aviation Resource Management System) at Greater Bay Airlines on a turnkey basis. The ARMS® suite is deployed as a unified and consolidated system covering all aspects of Network Planning, Flight Operations, Crew Scheduling, e-Learning and Training, Document Management and Mobility.

The ARMS® suite ensures operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and safety, while controlling direct operating costs for the airline.

This partnership is already yielding significant advantages for Greater Bay Airlines, empowering it to expand its footprint in a highly competitive aviation market, and further improving operational efficiency with its ambitious vision of fleet expansion.

Leading the initiative at Greater Bay Airlines, Captain Kai Chung, General Manager Flight Operations, said, “We are delighted to partner with Laminaar, as it will provide us with a proven partner to help us to accelerate our progress in digitization and operational efficiency; this will translate into state-of-the-art operational capability and, ultimately, better service for our customers.”

LAMINAAR’s CEO, Vivek Sheorey added “It is a great privilege to have been selected to work with the team at Greater Bay Airlines. They are an excellent airline with ambitious plans for the future, and insist upon very high standards in everything that they do. I am confident that our ARMS® Suite of products and services will provide Greater Bay Airlines with the capability, power and agility required to progress rapidly to achieve their overall vision and supporting operational objectives.”


About Greater Bay Airlines

Headquartered in the vibrant international city of Hong Kong, home to one of the world’s most highly regarded airports, Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) stands for the principles of reliable travel, competitive innovation, seamless experience and excellent value for money. Its goal is to provide customers with a seamless, digitalised, affordable and memorable travel experience. GBA commenced scheduled service in July 2022 and is currently operating flights to Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City. For more information, please visit


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