Korea’s Jin Air transforms airline operations with ARMS®

July 30, 2020 - SEOUL / SINGAPORE



Singapore company LAMINAAR Aviation Infotech has revealed that its implementation team has delivered LAMINAAR’s proprietary ARMS® applications software solution to Korean carrier Jin Air (www.jinair.com).

The critical final phases of deployment were managed in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and delivered remotely from locations in India and Singapore, with not a single engineer or project manager on site in Seoul. This was a first in LAMINAAR’s history and perhaps, for the world of aviation.

Leading the engagement with Jin Air was Collins Aerospace Systems (www.CollinsAerospace.com), the leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defence industry. As the exclusive global reseller of ARMS®, the Collins Aerospace team also diligently managed the project to completion.

Starting in 2019 with a stringent evaluation process, the team of Collins Aerospace Systems and LAMINAAR, successfully steered the Jin Air program for over 15 months through its phases – of due diligence, customizations, testing and deployment – as planned and to expectation.

Noteworthy was the LAMINAAR delivery team’s adherence to commitment in the final weeks. With a travel ban and offices out-of-bounds – working from their homes in Bangalore and Mumbai – they stayed in sync with a client thousands of miles away. Critical pieces, like, user acceptance test (UAT) closure, data ingestion, parallel run, cutover and go-live, were all delivered in the four weeks of complete lockdown in India, Singapore and South Korea.

The solution mix for Jin Air is a combination of ARMS® stand-alone modules, namely Commercial Planning (CPSS), Flight Operations (FOSS), Crew Management (CMSS) and the Load and Trim feature (L&T) from the Flight Planning & Dispatch module.

The airline is also using LAMINAAR’s tablet-based ARMS on the TAB® components: Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) for the flight crew, and the ARMS on Mobile® (AOM) smart mobile interface for the workforce.

“A more connected and intuitive system enables an airline to become more efficient in resource management and effective in strategic decision making,” says Clotilde Enel-Rehel, General Manager Commercial Aviation and Network Services (CANS) for Collins Aerospace. “It is more important than ever that we support our customers to ensure that critical operation data gets transmitted in a timely and accurate manner,” she adds.

Jung-ho Choi, CEO of Jin Air, says: “As the first airline globally to implement the full suite of ARMS® and the first in South Korea to utilize Collins Aerospace ARINC Integrator, we recognize the importance of leveraging on technology innovations to support a more robust system for our operations.”

Vivek Sheorey, CEO of LAMINAAR, says: “We did the impossible, delivering a solution needing no less than the most intricate handling, 100 percent remotely. I thank Jin Air for believing in us and to Collins Aerospace for their support all the way. To my team all I can say is, “You’ve done us proud.”


Locked Down But Unstoppable

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