Efficiency to ground handling (GH) operations at airports for Ground Handling Service Providers (GHSPs), Airlines and Fixed Based Operators (FBOs)


laminaar arms airport ground handling mobile app for ground handling agents service providers airlines and fixed based operators

Features & Benefits

  • 360 degree situational awareness with real-time updates on turnaround activities, transfers, connections
  • Proactive management of on-time performance (OTP), efficient recovery from disruptions
  • Universal communications – import, read, write and export information in all formats of messaging
  • Data supported and scenario-based predictive analytics to help optimize for contingencies
  • Cloud-based with a unified database, allows seamless flow of information and data between departments

Modules & Functions

  • Clients & Contracts
  • Jobs & Tasks
  • Ground Handling Staff Module
  • Air Operations Manager
  • Event Log
  • Disruptions Management Checklists
  • NOTAMs, INTAMs Reader
  • Weather Module
  • Vendor Manager
  • GS Equipment Manager
  • Weight & Balance
  • Passenger Facilitation
  • Aircrew Facilitation
  • Messaging & Communications
  • Dashboards & MIS
  • Safety & Quality