APGH brings efficiency to ground handling (GH) services at airports for Operators, Airlines, Ground Handling Service Providers (GHSPs) and Fixed Based Operators (FBOs)



Key Features

  • Improve Situational Awareness – as part of the Integrated Operations Control Centre (IOCC), providing real-time updates on turnaround activities, for proactive management of on-time performance (OTP), transfers, connections, and efficient recovery from disruptions
  • Universal communications: Can import, read, write and export information in all formats of messaging, making it collaboration-ready
  • Predictive Analytics Capabilities: Based on data and predicted scenarios, the solution helps optimize for contingencies, , assists stakeholders to proactively manage disruptions
  • Cloud-based: With a unified database, allows seamless flow of information and data between departments in an airline or airport.

Modules & Functions

  • Clients & Contracts
  • Jobs & Tasks
  • Ground Handling Staff Module
  • Air Operations Manager
    • Event Log
    • Disruptions Management Checklists
    • NOTAMs/ INTAMs Reader
    • Weather Module
  • Vendor Manager
  • GS Equipment Manager
  • Weight & Balance
  • Passenger Facilitation
  • Aircrew Facilitation
  • Messaging & Communications
  • Dashboards & MIS
  • Safety & Quality