What ARMS® NS – Fixed Wing Operations does

ARMS® NS for fixed-wing operations saves businesses time, controls costs, increases efficiency and keeps a tab on compliance, ensuring uncompromised safety. It addresses a key pain area in NS operations of maintaining standards of documentation while ensuring service quality.


List of Modules & Functionalities


Charter Sales Management Sub-System (CSMS)

  • Maintains updated cost databases, tracks enquiries and requests for quotations through a web portal
  • Generates quotes and auto-generates customized contract documentation
  • Monitors expenses, raise invoices and tracks receivables

Computerized Requisition & Reservation Sub-System (CRRS)

  • Checks operational feasibility and resource availability to undertake task
  • Confirms reservations by person, group or aircraft based on charter contract
  • Finalizes trip itinerary based on operational requirements, assigns task to operations, crew and dispatch managers

Departure/ Boarding Control Sub-System (DBCS)

  • Checks pre-departure documentation for crew, passenger and cargo
  • Weighs baggage and equipment, prints boarding pass and baggage tags
  • Prepares passenger and cargo manifest, reconciles final check at departure gates



Engineering & Maintenance Sub System (EMSS)

  • Covers all processes under Part 145 & Part M regulations
  • Auto-generates callouts and work packages, delivers e-work-packages, ETL, e-Docs, e-Forms etc., on tablets
  • Comprises Quality Assurance and Audits – compliant with FAA CASS – has an integrated document management module (InfoPrompt®)

Logistics & Inventory Management (LIMS)

  • Just-in-time positioning of parts and optimization of inventory
  • Analytics for consumption patterns, unscheduled removals and auto generated advice based on analytics
  • Real-time stock visibility, unified view of inventory across supply chain and requisitioning (via mobile devices)



Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS)

  • Fleet management, aircraft scheduling, Flight following and tracking including weather and NOTAM watch
  • Proactive disruption management
  • Unified communications with flight support service providers and Air-Ground-Air data communications

Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System (FPDS)

  • Checks Operational Feasibility of request, exploring lowest cost routes with Auto Route Builder, generates optimized OFP, auto-files FPL
  • Calculates Take-Off & Landing performance RTOW, RLW
  • Delivers consolidated EFB and EFF ready Trip Kits & Briefing Packages

Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)

  • Maintains up-to-date records on training, qualifications and documentation of crew
  • Provides real-time visibility of crew available and usable
  • Enables pairing, scheduling and rostering
  • Caters for compliance with FDTL and FRMS regulations
  • Enables crew logistics support (transport, accommodation, meals, travel etc.)
  • Helps notify, interact and communicate with crew via web portal and smartphone app

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