How ARMS® NS helps specialized helicopter operations



ARMS® NS for Helicopter Operations has seven distinct functional areas:

  • Passenger Services
  • Air Operations
  • Mobility
  • Safety & Quality
  • Maintenance Engineering & Logistics
  • Training & Skills Management

Modules & Functions

Passenger Services
  • Personnel Tracking Sub-System (PTSS)
  • Computerized Reservation & Requisitioning Sub-System (CRRS)
  • Online Accommodation Tracking System (OATS)
  • Departure/ Boarding Control Sub-System (DBCS)
Flight Management & Air Operations
  • Flight Operations Sub-System (FOSS)
  • Parking Bay Management System (PBMS)
  • Crew Management Sub-System (CMSS)
  • Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System (FPDS) – includes Multi-Sector Load Planning
  • Fuel Stock Management Module
Mobility Solutions
  • Multisector Load Sheet Tablet APP (MSLS) – Weight & Balance Pre-flight, , Inflight and Postflight
  • Documentation – Reports & Forms, e.g., Defects, Occurrences, Training
  • Reference Library for Tech Pubs, Manuals, SOPs, Charts
  • Crew Web Portal on mobile
  • Pre-flight Tech-log
  • Aircraft Preparation for Service (APS)
  • Tab Tracker tablet tracking app
Safety & Quality
  • Helicopter Flight Data Management (HFDM) and Helicopter Utilization Management Systems (HUMS) decoding and analysis
  • Proactive safety management for FOQA and MOQA compliance, e.g., Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis (HIRA), operational data analysis for Evidence Based Training, simulation, debrief and planning
Maintenance, Engineering & Logistics
  • Process Management – per Part 145 & Part M definitions with  auto-generation of callouts and work packages, delivering e-work-packs, ETL, e-Docs, e-Forms etc., on tablets
  • Document management & publishing – management and online access to all tech pubs, manuals, SOPs and checklists, with facility to publish, and manage versioning, distribution
  • Just-in-time (JIT) positioning of parts and optimization of inventory with analytics for consumption patterns, unscheduled removals and auto generated advice based on analytics
  • Real-time stock visibility, unified view of inventory across supply chain and requisitioning
Training & Skills Management
  • Workflow automation and maintenance of centralized and current record of crew and staff training status – badged and contract employees
  • Monitoring & maintenance of skills and knowledge level at desired level. Auto-generation of training related callouts, requisitions, assignments, completion reports, etc.
  • Administrative and operational functions
  • Integration with other systems like Crew Management, Finance, Administration, Flight and Engineering Operations