Mobile client of ARMS® in iOS, Android and Windows for a connected workforce and empowered crew


laminaar arms arms on mobile mobility solutions for crew management


Features & Benefits

  • Platform agnostic smartphone solution for cockpit, cabin and ground staff, including executive
  • Customizable smartphone APPs that are user-specific in content and style
  • Device and user management based on role and function
  • Universal communications feature supporting all existing aviation messaging formats
  • Tactile and intuitive user interface conforming to aviation design standards

Modules & Functions

Input, view status, receive notifications, update information and upload documents:

  • Training and Qualifications documentation (TQD)  – view status & upload
  • Duty roster and other assignments including dead-head and training – view status
  • Bids, swaps and requests – input and view status
  • HOTAC and other crew logistics information – view status
  • Duty logs and FDTL status – input and view status
  • Leave applications, staff travel, claims and allowances – input and view status
  • Flight status and timings – input and view status
  • Preview weather briefings and NOTAMs – view
  • Notifications from management – view