Digital and paperless operations with smart tablet apps – EFB, EFF, ETL – for flight deck, cabin, maintenance and ground handling crew


Laminaar arms on tablets digital and paperless operations EFB EFF ETL


Features & Benefits

  • Mission specific tablet apps for cockpit, cabin, engineering and ground handling crew
  • EFB (electronic flight bag), EFF (electronic flight folder) and ETL (electronic tech
    ),  eDocs and eForms
  • Secure, role-based access to content and features
  • Offline capability – all apps work offline and sync’ with the backend when online
  • Collaborates with 3rd party applications

Modules & Functions

For Flight Deck Crew
  • Tripkits with flight plan, airfield çharts, RTOW, AOM, other charts
  • eForms ETL, training completion
  • Load & Trim and OEM APPs
For Cabin Crew
  • In-Flight Sales (Duty Free, F&B, etc.)
  • Electronic Manuals & Announcement Cards (eDOCs)
  • Passenger information, manifest, LOPA diagrams, loyalty and preferences
  • eForms (Cabin Defect Log, Service Quality Audits, etc.), customer feedback
For Maintenance Crew MNE
  • ETL – Electronic Tech Log, EWP – Electronic Work Packs
  • Online technical publications library and electronic forms, Non-Routine Cards
  • Online Material or Stores Requisition
  • Real-time information of aircraft movements from flight operations and MCC systems
For Other Airport Staff

E.g., ATCOs, Airport Managers, Ground Handlers, Load Masters and Dispatch Staff – APPs for for day-to-day
operations with real-time BI and data analytics dashboards for the management.