Digital and paperless operations with smart tablet apps – EFB, EFF, ETL, and beyond. Designed for flight deck, cabin, maintenance and ground handling crew.


Laminaar arms on tablets digital and paperless operations EFB EFF ETL


Features & Benefits

  • Mission specific tablet apps for cockpit, cabin, engineering and ground handling crew.
  • EFB (electronic flight bag), EFF (electronic flight folder) and ETL (electronic tech
    ),  eDocs and eForms.
  • Secure, role-based access to content and features.
  • Offline capability – all apps work offline and sync’ with the backend when online.
  • Collaborates with 3rd party applications.

Modules & Functions

For Flight Deck Crew (FDC)
  • Electronic Flight Folder (EFF)
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  • eDOCs Library
  • Trip Kit/ Flight Plan/ Clearances
  • Airfield Charts (AIP/ Third-party)
  • Online eForms (including ETL)
  • Aircraft Performance Application (OEM)
  • Load & Trim Application
For Cabin Crew (CBC)
  • eDOCs Library (Electronic Manuals, SOPs, Checklists, Announcement Cards, etc.)
  • Cabin Defect Log
  • Passenger Manifest
  • Passenger Loyalty Program details
  • Online eForms (Pax Feedback, Safety, etc.)
  • In-Flight Sales (Duty Free, F&B, etc.)
For Maintenance Crew (MNE)
  • eDOCs Library (Online access to Tech Pubs, Aircraft Records etc.)
  • Electronic Tech Log (ETL)
  • Electronic Work Orders/ Packages (EWP)
  • Electronic Non-Routine Cards (NRC)
  • Online material/ stores requisition and delivery status
  • Check parts availability and location
  • Real-time view of MCC data, including aircraft movements and turnarounds
  • Any other online eForms (as required)
For Executive Management (EXM)
  • eDOCs Library (Company Policy Manuals, SOPs, Regulations, etc.)
  • Real-time view of IOCC data, including aircraft movements, turnarounds, and on-time performance
  • Weather warnings and critical NOTAM alerts
  • Up-to-date information on IROPS and disruption recovery
  • ERP Checklists
  • Customizable MIS Reports and Executive Dashboards
For Other Airport Staff

E.g., ATCOs, Airport Managers, Ground Handlers, Load Masters and Dispatch Staff – APPs for for day-to-day operations with real-time BI and data analytics dashboards for the management.