Why ARMS® is better

One system for ALL functions of airline operations

Written on to a unified database, the ARMS® applications software suite consolidates all functions of airline operations in one platform. ARMS® allows for seamless interactivity and interoperability in real-time between its sub-systems, e.g., flight ops, M&E, crew, safety, quality and analytics.

Next-gen, mobile and future ready

Its architecture is modern, with inbuilt BI & Analytics-ready deployable components. Unlike legacy systems which are difficult to make incremental changes to, the ARMS® tech stack is easy to deploy, maintain, and add components and features to in the future.

Customizable – to suit size and nature of operations

ARMS® helps no-frills carriers to control costs and stay compliant. For large airlines ARMS® brings changes in non-disruptive increments, integrating one by one, its modules into their existing ecosystem. For start-up airlines, team ARMS® becomes a trusted partner in setting up – systems, processes and operationalization of business plans with speed and agility, to maximize on ROI.

Backed by deep domain expertise

Designed and run by specialists with 300+ years of collective experience in airline operations. Team ARMS® does not need discovery time, be it in implementation or in the design and delivery of a custom solution. They know that resource time makes direct impact on operations and bottom lines, and are able to keep engagements simple and expeditious.

Long term value and ease of ownership

Team ARMS® is always your better option to right-source your airline’s infotech ecosystem, reasons are:

  • The ARMS® R&D roadmap is always aligned to a clients’ business roadmap
  • Being their own system integrator (SI), Team ARMS® brings powerful synergies to the table
  • ARMS® has ready BI & Analytics components, adding no prep time & effort for data management, consolidation, analysis etc.
  • Commercials are flexible where a client chooses their payment option and deployment model: Software/ Solution
    Platform-as-a-Service, or one time license
  • Global presence: ARMS® teams and expertise are available across the Americas, EMEA, S Asia and APAC