How CPSS helps with Network Planning

Optimizes utilization of Fleet Resources while maximizing potential yield for each sector and the network as a whole. This is where the Network Schedule is born and is continuously groomed to ensure maximum yield.

Checks operational feasibility of OD pairs/ sectors/ city pairs, based on forecasted or seasonal winds, in terms of available payload, sector fuel and block time

Analyzes, identifies and prioritizes sectors based on historic and forecast traffic and potential yield based on business intelligence data

Builds a Network Schedule in a consistent and industry standard format, keeping you in control of changes made

Imports schedules (SSIM files) of alliance/ code-share partners, group subsidiaries and competitors to optimize connectivity and through flights, while avoiding conflicts and over-capacity

Validates the network schedule for violations of business rules, restrictions and constraints


List of Modules & Functionalities

  • Commercial Scheduling Management (CSM)
  • Flight Scheduling Optimizer (FSO)
  • Connectivity Manager (CNM)
  • Codeshare Management Module (CMM)
  • Schedule Communication Module (SCM)
  • Slot Management Module (SMM)