How CWP promotes better quality of life

CWP is an easy to use, interactive and intuitive web browser interface for anytime, anywhere access. It enables workflow automation and allows crew to interact with workplace utilities when they are on the move. It allows crew to view and update personal details, apply for leave, submit bids and requests, interact with management. Crew can view duty assignments, rosters, training calendars, must-read items, bulletins, department specific notifications and reporting instructions. CWP integrates with departmental portals, e.g., Safety Portal, FOQA Portal, Centralized Crew Briefing Portal.

Key Features

Provides online access to all company information via:

  • eDocs covering publications, SOPs, manuals, etc., for reading and reference
  • eForms for filling and submission of forms and reports online
  • Quicklinks to important websites related to company’s operations

Modules & Functions

  • Crew Personal area
  • Notices – compulsory read areas, notifications, flight safety bulletins etc.
  • Aircraft Information corner – by type
  • eDocs – documents library
  • eForms – (online fillable/ print-on-demand forms)
  • Information resources and Quicklinks
  • Admin Module – content management, user access control, usage monitoring, etc.