What FDMA does

Capitalizes on high fidelity data recorded by the aircraft (in the FDR and CVR) as well as, data that is transmitted by the aircraft to proactively measure, monitor and analyze parameters for efficiency of operations, compliance with procedures.

Key Features

  • Enables flight safety and engineering personnel to monitor and analyze an aircraft’s recorded flight data
  • In keeping with the objective of Proactive Flight Safety (as against reactive), ARMS® offers a process to help Flight Safety and Engineering personnel to monitor and analyze the recorded Flight Data
  • Check, monitor, analyze exceedance and performance parameters for looping back to safety, quality and training

Modules & Functions

  • Flight Data Processing (Manual/ Automated) Module
  • Raw Data/ Flight Summary Module
  • Exceedance Monitoring and Analysis (FOQA/ FDM) Module
  • BI and Data Analytics Module
  • 3D Flight Visualizer (FLIVIZ) Module
  • CVR Playback and Transcription (CVR) Module
  • Admin Module