What HMRO does

Plan and execute heavy checks with efficiency and safety, and return aircraft back to service on schedule. Comprehensive management of every complex set of activities by specialized professionals, involving repair and overhaul of commercial aircraft/ helicopters, complying with statutory rules and regulations, ensuring safety and quality standards. This system supports the entire range of complex and sophisticated tasks required for heavy MRO; factoring in all the safety, compliance and quality requirements for this demanding activity which has to be managed for strict schedule adherence.

Key Features

  • The HMRO system addresses the following MRO activities:
  • Aircraft/ Airframe MRO – Hangar Facilities
  • MRO Workshops for various Components and Ancillaries
  • Power plant MRO workshop

Modules & Functions

  • HMRO Commercial Sub-System: MRO Web Portal, MRO Capability, MRO Sales, Client Account Management, MRO Vendor Management and Finance & Budgeting;
  • HMRO Resource Planning & Scheduling Sub-System: Work Package Management, Hangar & Bays Management, Work Shop Management, Support Equipment Management, MNE Crew Management and Material Planning modules
  • HMRO Production Sub-System: Receiving Inspection, MRO Execution/ Production, MRO Post-Production and Compliance & Quality Management Functions; and
  • HMRO Centralized MIS Reports and EIS Dashboard for monitoring and measurement of KPIs.