A comprehensive and optimized crew management solution for planning, scheduling, monitoring & control. Ensures balance between quality-of-life, fairness, legality and cost



Key Features

  • Maintains up-to-date records of crew training, qualifications and documents
  • Provides manpower planning tools to ensure adequacy of crew availability
  • Automates recurrent training planning to ensure high proficiency levels
  • Efficient leave planning balancing roster with crew requirements
  • Reduces roster costs through optimized pairing (trips) and scheduling of crew, balancing fairness and crew quality of life
  • Continuously monitors crew qualifications, proficiency and utilization, to remain fully compliant with statutory regulations
  • Provides comprehensive crew logistics support to ensure hassle-free handling of crew facilitation services like hotel, travel & transportation, documentation, allowances, etc.

Modules & Functions

  • Records, Training, Qualifications & Documentation (TQD)
  • Leave Management, Pay & Allowances
  • Crew Trips Optimizer
  • Crew Control Module
  • Crew Logistics Support
  • Crew Web Portal, Crew Mobile App
  • Log Books