ARMS® Commercial Planning Sub System (CPSS) – Analyze, plan, create, validate, optimize and publish network schedules to maximize yield.


laminaar arms cpss commercial planning sub-system airline network planning and scheduling software


Key Features

  • Checks operational feasibility of OD pairs/ sectors/ city pairs, based on forecasted or seasonal winds, in terms of available payload, sector fuel and block time.
  • Analyzes, identifies and prioritizes sectors based on historic and forecast traffic and potential yield based on business intelligence data.
  • Builds a Network Schedule in a consistent and industry standard format, keeping you in control of changes made.
  • Imports schedules (SSIM files) of alliance/ code-share partners, group subsidiaries and competitors to optimize connectivity and through flights, while avoiding conflicts and over-capacity.
  • Validates the network schedule for violations of business rules, restrictions and constraints.

Modules & Functions

  • Commercial Schedule Management (CSM)
  • Flight Scheduling Optimizer (FSO)
  • Connectivity Manager (CNM)
  • Codeshare Management Module (CMM)
  • Schedule Communication Module (SCM)
  • Slot Management Module (SMM)