ARMS® Electronic Load and Trim (ELNT) – Automate Load and Trim computation with a Load Planning function from Centralized Load Control. ELNT app also available on ARMS® on Tab (AOT).


laminaar arms elnt electronic load and trim automate computation with a load planning function


Key Features

  • Completely Standalone or fully integrated Deployment- Integrates with any 3rd party DCS / CHS systems.
  • DOW Adjustments – Run time provision to make DOW and service weight adjustments like change crew configuration, add Fly Away Kit, Potable water, Ballast, etc.
  • Graphical Seat Map (LOPA) – The load controller can block seats, swap seats, edit weights for non-standard pax, add ‘SOC’, ‘PetC’, ‘PAD’ etc.
  • Graphic Load distribution UI – Optimize Load distribution by monitoring load in each compartment based on its capacity and Weight & Index Graph.
  • Cargo Visual Load interface – interactive UI for the user to load the various compartments and visually observe the effect on CG. The UI provides visual alerts in case of Cumulative load and/or CG limit violations and inhibits computation when distribution is out of CG Envelope.

Modules & Functions

  • Load Planning, Load Instructions
  • Loading Supervision, Loading Report
  • Centralized Load Control Monitoring
  • Load and Trim Computation (Win/ Browser/ Tablet)
  • Optimized Distribution of Pax & Cargo
  • Electronic Sign-off
  • Load Messages
  • Document Archival