Electronic Load and Trim (eLNT) – Automate Load and Trim computation with a Load Planning function from Centralized Load Control and generate Computerized Load Sheets and LIR in standard IATA or customized formats. Capitalize on the Load and Trim Application in ARMS® On Tab (AOT).


laminaar arms elnt electronic load and trim automate computation with a load planning function


Key Features

  • Completely Standalone or fully integrated Deployment- Integrates with any 3rd party DCS / CHS systems.
  • DOW Adjustments – Run time provision to make DOW and service weight adjustments like change crew configuration, add Fly Away Kit, Potable water, Ballast, etc.
  • Graphical Seat Map (LOPA) – The load controller can block seats, swap seats, edit weights for non-standard pax, add ‘SOC’, ‘PetC’, ‘PAD’ etc.
  • Graphic Load distribution UI – Optimize Load distribution by monitoring load in each compartment based on its capacity and Weight & Index Graph.
  • Cargo Visual Load interface – interactive UI for the user to load the various compartments and visually observe the effect on CG. The UI provides visual alerts in case of Cumulative load and/or CG limit violations and inhibits computation when distribution is out of CG Envelope.

Modules & Functions

  • Pax eLNT interactively displays the center of gravity position within its envelope as and when loading of PAX, Baggage, Cargo, Crew, Fuel, Pantry etc are changed. Computes the trim and generates Load sheet, LIR, NOTOC and Post Departure Messages.
  • Cargo eLNT permits freight loading with mix and match of loading configurations and ULDs. It also Validates the Cumulative Weight limits and CG limit violations.
  • Helicopter eLNT trimming process equalizes the load along the longitude and lateral axis. The module supports multiple sector load sheet computation.
  • AOT-LNT App extends Load & Trim computations on the Tablet.
  • AOT-eLoadsheet offers access to generated Load sheet and option to sign and submit by the Crew.
  • eLNT Masters manages the AHM 560/565 data and allows to set defaults.
  • eLNT Reports presents the generated reports (Load Sheet, LIR, LDM, CPM, UCM, NOTOC etc) to be viewed and printed.