ARMS® Engineering & Maintenance Sub System (EMSS) – Continuously monitor airworthiness of the fleet, ensuring uncompromized quality, compliance and dispatch reliability, in a paperless environment.


laminaar arms emss engineering and maintenance sub-system airworthiness and reliability


Key Features

  • This Sub System provides maintenance managers and engineers with all the information they need for sound decision-making.
  • It empowers maintenance staff to control and improve maintenance processes, while aligning with flight schedules and operational requirements, and keep a tight control over costs.
  • The system also ensures strict statutory compliance, consistent quality, enhanced airworthiness and better maintenance reliability.

ARMS® on Tab applications now available on Tablets for MNE Crew

  • eDOCs Library (Online access to Tech Pubs, Aircraft Records etc.)
  • Electronic Tech Log (ETL)
  • Electronic Work Orders/ Packages (EWP)
  • Electronic Non-Routine Cards (NRC)
  • Online material/ stores requisition and delivery status
  • Check parts availability and store location
  • Real-time view of MCC data, including aircraft movements and turnarounds
  • Any other online eForms (as required)

Modules & Functions

  • Technical Records Module (TRM)
  • Technical Services Module (TSM)
  • Maintenance Control Center (MCC)
    • Includes DoP Status Board

  • Electronic Tech Log (ETL)
    • For AMEs & PIC delivered on tablets

  • Engineering Planning Module (EPM)
    • Includes planned maintenance scheduling

  • Line & Base Maintenance Module (LBM)
  • Technical Publications Library (TPL)
    • eDOCs Reader available for WINapp, browsers, tablets, & smartphones

  • E&M Crew Management (ECM)
    • Includes E&M Crew Web Portal

  • Quality Management (QMM)
  • Engineering MIS Reports (EMR)
    • Includes EIS Dashboards

  • EMSS Web Portal (EWP)