ARMS® Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM) – Accurate monitoring, measurement and analyses of fuel burn for reduction in emissions and direct operating costs … policing your fuel conservation policy.


laminaar arms fcam fuel consumption analysis mis software monitoring and measurement


Key Features

  • Identifies specific KPIs for monitoring & measurement.
  • Collates all data required for in-depth analysis.
  • Helps in IOSA, EU-ETS compliance.
  • Proactively Controls Fuel Burn.

Modules & Functions

  • Airline SOP Setup/ Master Definitions
  • Define Fuel Conservation Initiatives
  • Data Collation Module
    • with/ without inputs from ARMS® FDMA

  • Flight Data Processing Module (FDP)
    • see ARMS® FDMA

  • Fuel Consumption Dashboard & Reports
  • Carbon Emission Reports
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA)