Fuel Consumption Analysis MIS (FCAM) – Accurate monitoring, measurement and analyses of fuel consumption for reduction in direct cost of operations


laminaar arms fcam fuel consumption analysis mis software monitoring and measurement


Key Features

  • Identifies specific KPIs for monitoring & measurement
  • Collates all data required for in-depth analysis
  • Helps in IOSA, EU-ETS compliance
  • Proactively Controls Fuel Burn

Modules & Functions

  • Admin Module – to control the system user environment for setup and access control, manage logs and report activity and violations.
  • Fuel Consumption Dashboard – provides an infographic of planned versus actual consumption, with deviation for the flights. Filters are available for drill down analysis of deviations.
  • Data Collation – data is collated from various sources – DFDR, QAR, OPS, Tech log and CFP – for fuel analysis. Auto collation happens if integrated with other sub-systems of ARMS®
  • Fuel Analysis – looping into follow-up actions across the flight and SOP compliance items, with corrective and preventive action responses.