Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis (FDMA) – Automate monitoring of exceedances and SOP deviations for compliance and quality; exploit high-fidelity flight data for descriptive and predictive analytics



Key Features

  • Enables flight safety and engineering personnel to monitor and analyze an aircraft’s recorded flight data
  • In keeping with the objective of Proactive Flight Safety (as against reactive), ARMS® offers a process to help Flight Safety and Engineering personnel to monitor and analyze the recorded Flight Data
  • Check, monitor, analyze exceedance and performance parameters for looping back to safety, quality and training

Modules & Functions

  • Flight Data Processing (Manual/ Automated) Module
  • Raw Data/ Flight Summary Module
  • Exceedance Monitoring and Analysis (FOQA/ FDM) Module
  • BI and Data Analytics Module
  • 3D Flight Visualizer (FLIVIZ) Module
  • CVR Playback and Transcription (CVR) Module
  • Admin Module