ARMS® Flight Operations Sub System (FOSS) – Comprehensively manage IOCC functions. Monitor and control the fleet with real-time messaging, ensuring on-time performance and optimized disruption recovery.


laminaar arms foss flight operations sub-system management system software


Key Features

  • Assigns aircraft tails for the Day/ Period of operation (optimal tail for the job).
  • Proactively manages the schedule for punctuality; ensure On Time Performance.
  • Looks ahead, pre-empts problems and conflicts before they cause disruptions.
  • Provides a comprehensive Fleet Watch: tracks flights, monitors fuel on board, ETA, weather and NOTAMs; spots trouble before it disrupts operations.
  • Communicates with all agencies through unified messaging and notifications; stay in sync, no communication gaps, everyone on the same page.
  • Manages disruptions optimally; advises on most efficient recovery solution ensuring Ops personnel are in consistent control.

Modules & Functions

  • Fleet Controller’s Terminal (FCT)
  • Tail Assignment Optimizer (TAO)
  • Remote Movement Messaging (RMM)
  • Horizontal Situation Display (HSD)
  • Day of Operation Status Board (DOP)
  • Weather Display (WXD)
  • Flight Status Module (FSM)
  • Message Management Module (MSM)
  • Notification Module (NTM)
  • ATC Slot Manager Module (SMM)