Proactive management and realtime monitoring of MRO production schedule.
Paperless processes automation ensures efficiency, compliance and on-time delivery



Key Features

  • The HMRO system addresses the following MRO activities:
  • Aircraft/ Airframe MRO – Hangar Facilities
  • MRO Workshops for various Components and Ancillaries
  • Power plant MRO workshop

Modules & Functions

  • HMRO Commercial Sub-System: MRO Web Portal, MRO Capability, MRO Sales, Client Account Management, MRO Vendor Management and Finance & Budgeting;
  • HMRO Resource Planning & Scheduling Sub-System: Work Package Management, Hangar & Bays Management, Work Shop Management, Support Equipment Management, MNE Crew Management and Material Planning modules
  • HMRO Production Sub-System: Receiving Inspection, MRO Execution/ Production, MRO Post-Production and Compliance & Quality Management Functions; and
  • HMRO Centralized MIS Reports and EIS Dashboard for monitoring and measurement of KPIs.