Integrated Training Management System (ITMS) – Continuous upkeep of workforce knowledge, skill levels and proficiency


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Key Features

  • Imparts and maintains high levels of skill and knowledge among all staff (Aircrew, Operations, Engineering & Maintenance, Administration)
  • Ensures all training and skills related records/ documentation: e.g., qualifications and certifications are available always and anytime, for reference and automated alerts and notifications on their status to respective stakeholders, including individuals
  • Ensures high degree of automation, training consistency and compliance with standards, within a training organization

Modules & Functions

  • Curriculum Management Module
  • Resource Management Module
  • Administrative Functions
  • Finance & Accounting Functions
  • Security and Access Rights Module (SAR)
  • Simulator Management (Optional)
  • Training Content Management
  • Testing Assessment Grading Module (TAGS)
  • Integrated Training Center Web Portal (ITC Portal)