ARMS® Logistics & Inventory Management Sub System (LIMS) – Efficient and optimized management of the supply chain to ensure just-in-time availability of spare parts and materials, backed by analytics to minimize inventory costs.


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Key Features

  • Integrates inventory information, procurement, packaging, transportation, material handling, warehousing and store management functions in one system.
  • Ensures free and seamless workflows between Procurement, Receipt & Dispatch, and Stores, seamlessly integrating engineering and maintenance with logistics end-users.

Modules & Functions

  • Inventory Master Module (INV)
    • With OEM IPC integration

  • Vendor Management Module (VEN)
  • Purchase & Procurement Module (PPM)
  • Planning, Provisioning & Forecasting Module (PPF)
  • Stores Management Module (SMM)
  • Receipt & Dispatch Module (RDM)
  • Quality Inspection Module (QIM)
  • Workshop & Repairs Coordination Module (WRC)
  • Finance Management Module (FIN)
  • Logistics MIS Reports (LMR)
    • Includes EIS Dashboards