A specialized human resource management solution for Air Traffic Services (ATS) staff


laminaar arms atc staff management specialized human resource management solution for air traffic services

Features & Benefits

  • Centralized staff records, training and qualifications documentation
  • Analytics backed workforce planning, optimized schedules
  • Attendance and duty watch monitoring, pre-emptive disruption management
  • Regulatory compliance, enhanced safety, proactive fatigue risk management
  • Empowered staff, personalized rosters with bids and swaps, work-life balance
  • Custom reports, dashboards and analytics
  • Paperless operations, optimized resource management, reduced total cost of ownership

Modules & Functions

  • Staff Records and Rostering
  • Watch Manager’s Console
  • Watch & Duty Logging Kiosks
  • Shift and Duty Monitor
  • Staff Web Portal
  • Staff Mobile Application