Enterprise-class application software for digitalized documentation, content & knowledge management and collaborative publishing


laminaar arms infoprompt document and content management system


Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive, centralized and secure knowledge repository for users to access anywhere over the
  • Create, configure and manage technical library for the storage and retrieval of all OEM and internal
  • Create user-definable taxonomy structures for the content libraries
  • Define and manage granular levels of access control, down to object and file
  • User-definable metadata fields to improve search functionality
  • Facility to place comments on content with meta-notes-on-file feature
  • Content routing and forwarding within database, accessible only by authorized users
  • Built-in scanner support for digitizing paper and film

Modules & Functions

  • eDOCs Reader – available on Windows app, browser and tablet environments, ensures highest level of security restricting content access from IP & MAC addresses. Users can create individual taxonomy structures and organize content as ‘favorites’ and add meta-notes-on-file to exchange comments
  • Collaborative Authoring & Publishing System – CAPS – simplifies the process of authoring, editing and revising large technical publications and policy manuals; supports multiple stylesheets rendering various output formats, enabling hyperlinking of content within a publication, as also, externally to other projects. CAPS allows multiple users to work on a project simultaneously, facilitating review and approval workflows to ensure information security, integrity and confidentiality
  • Object Organizer
  • Tab Manager
  • Mobile Manager
  • Crew Portal Manager