What InfoPrompt® does

InfoPrompt®  is a robust and versatile repository of information that can work as the engine of a Management Information System (MIS), combined with, an Integrated Document Management System (IDMS). The system allows storage, smart retrieval and access of not only documents of all formats, but also, Digital Video Movies as an on-line video library, or clipart and infographics, as an Image Source Library. A Collaborative Authoring & Publishing (CAPS) feature positions InfoPrompt uniquely as a core of a modern enterprise knowledge management solution.

How it works

In an airline/ MRO environment, InfoPrompt® helps create, configure and manage a comprehensive Technical Library; for the storage and retrieval of the technical documentation supplied by aircraft manufacturers and other OEMs, plus, the wealth of documentation the organization generates (and needs to archive) during operations. InfoPrompt® is a centralized knowledge repository that users can access from anywhere via the Internet.

At the heart of the system lies the InfoPrompt® Server, which,

  • Creates user-definable taxonomy structures for the content libraries
  • Enforces highly granular levels of access control, down to object level
  • Provides for user-definable metadata fields to improve search functionality
  • Allows users to place non-invasive comments on content with Meta-notes-on-file feature
  • Contains content routing and forwarding within database, accessible only by authorized users
  • Has a built-in scanner support for digitizing paper and film

Modules & Functions

  • eDOCs Reader – available on Windows app, browser and tablet environments, ensures highest level of security restricting content access from IP & MAC addresses. Users can create individual taxonomy structures and organize content as ‘favorites’ and add meta-notes-on-file to exchange comments
  • Collaborative Authoring & Publishing System – CAPS – simplifies the process of authoring, editing and revising large technical publications and policy manuals; supports multiple stylesheets rendering various output formats, enabling hyperlinking of content within a publication, as also, externally to other projects. CAPS allows multiple users to work on a project simultaneously, facilitating review and approval workflows to ensure information security, integrity and confidentiality
  • Object Organizer
  • Tab Manager
  • Mobile Manager
  • Crew Portal Manager