Since we've been using ARMS® (CPSS), the system has evolved into a primary tool which has helped the scheduling team tremendously. ARMS® became the main tool for the team to plan, build and manage their respective schedules. No other system vendor, that I know of, will comply to almost every change request as does the ARMS® team. Your team is the greatest vendor support team I've worked with - second to none. The support team is outstanding.

Gideon Ding

Group Scheduling Executive
at AirAsia



Our project managers ensure collaboration between end-users and the product teams.

During an implementation, be it for a trial or a live deployment, our project managers ensure meaningful collaboration between end-users and the product team, keeping all stakeholders in sync with the progress of a project, with a tight control over project budget.



Training delivered by subject matter experts, ensures adoption and user proficiency.

Our training expertise is well documented in the ARMS® V2.5 Quick Reference Guide and the ARMS® V2.5 Users Manuals & Step-by-Step Guide.



Our Technical Support Services organization is built on ITSM principles spelt by ISO IEC 20000 standards.

Our support services under AMC or Technical Warranty or during the period of a POC or Trial, be it for resolving bugs or providing an upgrade or uploading a patch or conducting routine maintenance, are offered under; onsite/ deskside support, remote support via our dedicated, portals and through a 24×7 helpdesk.


Data Management & Digitalization

Leverage all operational data for accurate decision making!

In aviation, as in all businesses today, leveraging sanitized operational data is critical to decision making and influencing positive outcomes, as opposed to relying only on intuition. Data also helps operations stay within the envelope of compliance and safety.