Data Management & Digitalization

Leveraging sanitized operational data enables accurate decision making and influencing positive outcomes. Data also helps operations stay inside compliance and safety envelopes.

If data lies scattered in multiple ecosystems – own and 3rd party – it cannot be exploited. Data must be harnessed, assimilated, normalized into warehouses (DW) or Data Lakes (DL) and made ready for analysis and decision support. We bring years of expertise in digitization and data management to partner you in your journey to BI & Predictive Analytics.

Our services in Data Management & Digitalization:

End to End Data Management through collation, sanitization, normalization

  • Initial data collation and input
  • Data conversion/ migration from existing or legacy formats into Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Data sanitization & validation
  • Convert graphs to ‘look-up’ data
  • Extract data from legacy/ Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sources into RDBMS
  • SGML to RDBMS conversion
  • Import/ export data from or to legacy systems
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with existing/ legacy systems

Data for BI & Analytics initiatives focused on interventions and programs, e.g.,

  • Fuel Conservation Initiatives
  • Optimization of routes, resources and operational assets
  • Just In Time positioning of Parts and Inventory


Digitalization, Authoring & Publication

  • Conversion of paper to eDocs
  • Outsourced Services for creation and management of Tech Pubs, Manuals, SOPs
  • End-to-end knowledge management from digitization, publication, distribution and version control of electronic documents, manuals and publications
  • Create content for e-Learning Courses