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During an implementation, be it for a trial or a live deployment, our project managers ensure meaningful collaboration between end-users and the product team, keeping all stakeholders in sync with the progress of a project, with a tight control over project budget. Our alignment with best industry practices ensures ownership from start to finish, of schedules, timelines & milestones.

Typical Implementation Journey & Milestones

Process Study: Study of processes key to deployment at relevant departments, for fitment and requisite customization needs for smooth implementation of ARMS®

ARMS®Software Deployment: Install unconfigured ARMS® components and database shell on live production environment. Simultaneously, a second instance for training & testing.

Training Eco System: Set up training room with appropriate training aids, hardware and peripherals.

Testing Connectivity: Test connectivity and response time of the systems connected to ARMS® hosted servers through Internet.

Business Rules and Parameters Study: Carry out study of business rules and parameters for parameterization of the ARMS® “Rules Engine” for each Sub-System and set up and configure Data Masters and Master Records, accordingly.

Data Collation & Import: Commence the data collation and encoding to stabilize the core data capture processes, e.g., of Tech Logs, Aircraft Movement Timings, Crew Records, Aircraft Records, etc.

User Training: Undertake training of actual users as per agreed training schedules.

CRs Collation (Round-1): Start recording CRs (Round-1), after training is completed for all users

User Acceptance Testimony (UAT): Commence the User Acceptance Testimony (UAT) phase once all Customization Reports (CRs) of Round-1 are implemented and declare the System Operational upon successful completion of UAT’s.

CRs Collation (Round-2): Supervise collation and implementation of CR’s for Round-2 Customization Phase.

Onsite Project Manager Responsibilities

Set Up Teams of Process Owners and a Project Committee with the client team

Coordinate Project Activities between Clients/ Users, Implementation Team and Support

Maintain & Track Project Issues Register before they become Project Risks, keep Project Committee apprised of any issues

Conduct Progress Review Meetings periodically.

Seek Regular User Feedback and coordinate closure of open items in association with Laminaar Software Developments Labs and Technical Support Centre