Product Training

Our training expertise is well documented in the ARMS® V2.5 Quick Reference Guide and the ARMS® V2.5 Users Manuals & Step-by-Step Guide.


Laminaar training faculty comprises product specialists and subject matter experts (SMEs) in their individual domains and their product knowledge is optimized to ensure end-users are not only aware of every feature and functionality but also become experts in the usage of the product in little to no time at all.

Training Types

Three types of training is delivered by Laminaar’s own Training Faculty that consists of subject matter experts (SMEs) and product leaders:

  • Initial Training Capsule – which is syllabus driven, held in formal classrooms and is instructor-led
  • Recurrent Training – This could be onsite or online
  • Training On Short Notice OR Just In Time – onsite training that may be conducted out of turn or schedule
    by Onsite Project Manager or through Online Telephonic Help Support

Training Efficacy

End-User tests and subsequent Adoption Rate measurement are metrics for training program efficacy, added with
direct and indirect feedback obtained from clients and end-users for efficacy measurement.

Training Curriculum

Training curriculum may be designed from scratch depending on requirement or a standard one may be prescribed
with the below sequence:

  • Initial workshop for all Management level personnel
  • Training of Data Encoders
  • Initial Training by User Department (as per syllabus)
  • Testing and Certification of client personnel by ARMS® Faculty