Scheduled Cargo

Scheduled Cargo operators use ARMS® to optimize on network connectivity and thru-connections for maximum yield. Additionally, they

  • Maintain their fleets with the highest standard of airworthiness to ensure dispatch reliability – with ARMS® EMSS & LIMS
  • Automate Load & Trim or Weight & Balance calculations to ensure safety and fuel conservation – with ARMS® FPDS
  • Track fleet in the real-time to keep the logistics pipeline updated with accurate flight movement information – with ARMS®  FOSS

ARMS®is modular and scalable, therefore, deploys with minimal risk to business continuity. Tested and proven for over a decade with one of Asia’s top scheduled cargo operators, we are proud of our track record of integration with ‘other’ 3rd party systems, out-of-the-box Business Intelligence & Data Analytics – BIDA and successful program implementation of helping our clients migrate from legacy silos into a unified system.

Augmented with ARMS® mobility solutions, your teams interact with the system using web browser, tablets and smartphones. As an empowered workforce, they have anytime, anyplace connectivity and access  workplace utilities, for collaborating with colleagues and responding to business demands with speed.


With InfoPrompt® your operations go paperless with a central digital content repository to,

  • Author, edit and publish Tech Pubs, SOPs and manuals;
  • Digitalize records and paperwork into eDocs, e-libraries, e-archives for regulatory compliance
  • Centrally publish and disseminate with security, docs and manuals online


With ARMS® FDMA as-a-Service, you avail,

  • Cloud-based pay-per-use FDM services for FOQA & MOQA compliance
  • Advanced analytics to loop into preventive maintenance, inventory and crew optimization, evidence based training, etc.


Other IT Enabled Outsourced Services

  • End-to-end flight support & remote dispatch services
  • Preparation, Authoring & Maintenance of Technical Publications, SOPs and Manuals
  • Digitalize existing records and paperwork into eDocs, e-libraries, e-archives for regulatory compliance