ATC Staff Planning & Rostering

Customizable solutions for optimized planning, scheduling and supervision of ATC personnel, to increase work efficiency, enhance quality of life and minimize fatigue risk.

Records and Rostering: For personnel planning, scheduling and monitoring, besides, continuous tracking of staff records and TQD (training, qualifications, documents); generates fair and compliant rosters, manages leaves, bids, swaps and requests.

Efficient Supervision: Aided by configurable multi-task work stations, that empower managers to monitor, control and supervise a day’s on-roster resources and assignments, enabling tasks like: marking attendance, documenting events – late sign-ons, early sign-offs – sickness, fatigue and no-shows, besides, recalling reserves and sending out notifications.

Present-gen technology: Touch-screen kiosks integrated with biometric/ smart-card readers provide real-time visibility to supervisors on events and accurate logging of duty and watch hours.

High visibility: A constant eye on operations is achieved with screen displays of rosters and duty station manning status, updated in real-time; gantt views of ATCOs on watch with pucks indicating duration spent at duty station; ticker tapes displaying messages, weather and NOTAMs.

Staff access to workplace utilities: A web portal and mobile app provides staff with windows to interact, transact and stay in sync’ with the system, on and off duty; with utilities like bidding and swapping of duties, applying for leave, settling claims, sending notifications and messages.

Secure, compliant and easy to deploy: ISO 27001, GDPR and PDPA compliant, our staffing solutions can be deployed on premise or on cloud; they can be easily parameterized for business rules and set to every specific use case.