Ground Handling Operations

Easily deployable and cost effective solutions for Airline Ground Operations, Ground Handling Agencies (GHA), Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) and Airport Owners or Operators; custom solutions that help you manage resources and activities for passenger and cargo handling during turn-arounds or layovers.

For Airlines our solutions provide crucial feed to the Integrated Operations Control Centres (IOCC), with real-time visibility of turnaround activities, for proactive management of on-time performance (OTP),  transfers, connections and efficient recovery from disruptions.

For GHAs, FBOs and Airport Operators, our solutions help manage ground handling services in alignment and compliance with IATA AHM and SGHA standards, ensuring efficient and on-time delivery of services, with visibility over status of operations, as well as SLA adherence.

Our solutions are cloud-based: cost-efficient connectivity options ensure smooth and near real-time flow of operational information to and between the various service providers, who are responsible for monitoring and delivering aircraft ground handling.

Visibility to critical information improves situational awareness of stakeholders, and positively impacts efficiency, compliance, safety, security and customer experience.

Predictive analytics helps optimize contingencies and enables efficient planning and scheduling of resources, bring down the cost and impact of disruptions.