ATC Staff Management System (ASMS)

The solution targets higher efficiency of ATC staff, with better scheduling, enhanced staff quality of life and minimized fatigue risk. The system has the following modules:

Staff Records and Rostering Module (SRM) – for ATC staff planning, scheduling, monitoring and continuous tracking of staff records, training, Qualifications & Documents (TQD). It auto-generates a fair and compliant roster, and manages leave, bidding, swaps and requests.

Watch Managers’ Console (WMC) – a work station for the Watch Manager to monitor, control and supervise the day’s on-roster resources and their assignments on duty stations: e.g., marking shift attendance, documenting events late sign-ons, early sign-offs, sickness, fatigue and No Shows. The console provides for approving leaves and recalling reserves. Recalls can be auto-generated and notified to staff. A 3-way mapping of Duty Stations with ATC consoles and Duty Watch Logging Kiosks makes the WMC feature rich operations support utility.

Watch & Duty Logging Kiosks (WDL)- A touch-screen kiosk with an integrated biometric/ smartcard reader that records watch-on/ off events for automated logging of duty and watch hours. It connects to the system with built-in LTE card or Wi Fi. WDL is configured and controlled remotely, including device management through the WMC, which can also configure more than one duty console on a single WDL, for logging individual watch hours. The WDL auto-populates log-books and recency towards ratings. Staff info’ of the ATCO on-watch against the duty station is displayed on the WDL screen. A Press-for-assistance (PFA) button for ATCOs lets them seek supervisory assistance.

Shift and Duty Monitor (SDM) – a large screen display of duty station manning status, updated in real-time with current status of ATCOs on-shift manning each duty station. The display is powered by a mini PC (NUC) via LAN/ Wi Fi, showing the ATCOs on the roster, their attendance status. A Gantt view of ATCOs on watch with pucks that indicate in a RAG code the duration spent at duty station. A ticker tape area at the bottom of the screen displays important messages from WMC and critical weather/ NOTAM warnings. In a shift changeover, it displays both current and next rosters.

Staff Web Portal (SWP) – a secure web-based utility for staff to seek information, interact and transact with the system, with a range of functions like bidding, swaps, leave, claims, notifications and messaging. It has different sections within, e.g., a Staff Personal Area, Notice Board Area, an eDocs and e-forms library, with links to important websites. The SWP is intended to bring efficiency at the workplace and empowerment of staff.

Staff Mobile application (AOM)- a secure BYOD, mobile alternative to the Staff Web Portal that is platform-agnostic and enables staff to view information, interact and transact with the system, anyplace, anytime. This is based on the ARMS on Mobile® framework and the App may be downloaded from respective app stores on personal smartphone devices.

Technical Specs

  • Flexible and easy to deploy – on premise, on private/ public/ hybrid cloud, easy parameterization of business rules and master settings
  • Secure and encrypted – compliant with ISO 27001 and GDPR regulations, plus, robust administration – user rights, privileges, devices management.
  • Event logs for archives and audit trail
  • High Availability design for resilience with option for BCP&DR site
  • Modern, intuitive UI – built around ease of use, quicker adoption by the mobile generation