On-demand Charters

Achieve 24/7 readiness, yet remain compliant, cost-effective and nimble. Respond to spot requests, changes and demanding flight itineraries with confidence. ARMS® NS is a unified solution that helps you save time, control costs, increase efficiency, addressing,

  • Ease of deployment & use
  • Management of all operational functions with service quality
  • Strict compliance & uncompromised safety
  • Low TCO


Aided by ARMS® Mobility solutions, your teams can notify, interact and communicate with the system using web browsers, tablets and smartphones

  • ARMS on the TAB® (AOT) for EFB, EFF and ETL
  • ARMS on Mobile® (AOM) for a constant window to workplace utilities on and off duty


With InfoPrompt® your operations go paperless. Its central information repository helps

  • Easy in-house authoring, editing and publishing of Tech Pubs, SOPs and manuals
  • Digitization of regulatory paperwork into eDocs, e-libraries, e-archives
  • Centralized publishing and secure dissemination of eDocs and manuals online

Our IT Enabled Knowledge & Business Process Services include

  • Flight Support & Dispatch 
  • Flight Data Services – including calibrations of DFDRs, decoding, parsing, analysis and reports – keeping you compliant with regulatory FDM standards
  • Preparation, Authoring & Maintenance of Technical Publications & Manuals, including, conversion of manual to eDocs and encoding metadata