Business Aviation

The ARMS® NS suite helps business aviation companies stay focused on their clients’ demands for service quality – with punctuality, safety, privacy and convenience. , by completely automating back-end processes, in addition to providing end-to-end trip support as an outsourced service.


ARMS® NS saves time, controls costs and increases efficiency. It is one solution that manages all operational functions in business aviation. Additionally,

  • It is easy to deploy – has a proven, high success rate of end-user adoption and satisfaction.
  • It has low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • It ensures strict compliance and un-compromised safety


Aided with ARMS® Mobility solutions, end-users can notify, interact and communicate with the system using tablets and smartphones:

  • ARMS on the TAB®(AOT) delivers EFB, EFF and ETL functionalities
  • ARMS on Mobile®(AOM) provides staff with secure and relevant access to company-wide HRMS utilities, tools and functionalities via a smartphone app


Aided with InfoPrompt® , operations can go completely paperless and digital with a centralized  information repository that can be utilized for,

  • Authoring, editing and publishing Tech Pubs, SOPs and manuals
  • Digitizing regulatory paperwork into eDocs, e-libraries, e-archives
  • Centralized publishing and secure dissemination of eDocs and manuals online


Our IT Enabled Knowledge & Business Process Services include

  • Flight Support & Dispatch 
  • Flight Data Services – including calibrations of DFDRs, decoding, parsing, analysis and reports – keeping you compliant with regulatory FDM standards
  • Preparation, Authoring & Maintenance of Technical Publications & Manuals, including, conversion of manual to eDocs and encoding metadata