The Airline Resource Management System (ARMS®), comprising of relevant sub-systems, has been implemented, subject to completion of certain modules, and has been under usage since the last two years to support the airline operations. The various modules in the package have been useful and effective and have been gainfully employed by the company in managing day-to-day operations. It serves as a good management tool both for operations and planning. This has been customized as per our requirement.

Makarand Bakalkar

Head of Information Technology,
Gulf Helicopters

Oil & Gas Air Logistics

Used by one of the world’s biggest offshore heli-operators and logistics providers, ARMS® NS caters to every type of specialized heli-operations, e.g., MEDEVAC, Search & Rescue, Oil & Gas. Most importantly, it helps operators save time, control costs and increase efficiency, yet maintain strict compliance and uncompromised safety. With one solution for all operational functions, you also lower your TCO with our affordable and flexible commercial models.

ARMS® NS added with ARMS® Mobility, allows your teams to notify, interact and communicate with the system using web browser, tablets and smartphones: ARMS on the TAB® (AOT) for EFB, EFF and ETL, and ARMS on Mobile® (AOM) for a constant window to workplace utilities on and off duty.

With ARMS® NS combined with InfoPrompt® your operations go completely paperless and digital with a centralized  information repository that can be utilized for,

  • Authoring, editing and publishing Tech Pubs, SOPs and manuals
  • Digitizing regulatory paperwork into eDocs, e-libraries, e-archives
  • Centralized publishing and secure dissemination of eDocs and manuals online


Additionally, on-demand IT Enabled Knowledge & Business Process Services for heli-operators include,

  • Flight Data Services – including calibrations and decoding HFDR and HUMS, parsing, analysis and reports – keeping you compliant with regulatory FDM standards
  • Preparation, Authoring & Maintenance of Technical Publications & Manuals, including, conversion of manual to eDocs and encoding metadata