Information Systems for Military Aviation

Military aviation is about being mission ready at all times in order to confidently execute routine and unexpected tasks. ARMS® ML tools help planners prioritize operational tasks to meet military objectives across different fleets, equipment, weapon systems and environments. ARMS® ML comprises subsystems for specific operational job functions.



Mission Planning & Briefing
  • A comprehensive tool for planning routes, payloads, fuel and profiles as defined by mission objectives.
  • Generates a comprehensive briefing package with all relevant operational information for crew, including mission profile, real-time weather, NOTAMS, intelligence, etc.
  • Briefing package can be securely deployed on tablets, giving Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Electronic Flight Folder (EFF) and Electronic Tech Log (ETL) capabilities.
Mission Monitoring & Control Centre
  • A comprehensive monitoring and control centre that gives up-to-date information on status of air ops to the Commanders, for situational awareness and decision support.
  • In-flight re-routing and tactical control of mission (requires air-ground-air data link options)
  • Real-time Fleet Watch and Flight Following of all airborne aircraft, provides an up-to-date “Horizontal Situation Display (HSD)” (requires aircraft position reports from ADSB/ ACARS/ Satellite data links).
  • Enables real-time tracking of missions, cargo and logistic movements in air.
  • Current and forecasted weather is overlaid on the HSD, cautioning controllers of weather related risks to operations
  • A unique feature that displays “critical low-level weather over terrain” helps missions operating in mountainous areas, proactively avoid hazardous situations.
  • Enables users to define restricted areas, danger zones, threat envelopes etc.
Flight Data Monitoring & Analysis
  • Decodes and parses flight and voice data from DFDRs and CVRs
  • Automatic detection of exceedances and SOP deviations… important input for FOQA program
  • Transforms data, for analysis, trend monitoring and insights
  • Monitors performance of crew and provides tools for mission debrief and proficiency mapping
  • Continuous monitoring of equipment parameters, defects, failures…important input for MOQA program and preventive maintenance, ensuring high serviceability states
Crew Management
  • Covers every aspect of the HR lifecycle in personnel management (hire>train>deploy & sustain)
  • Enables Commanders to plan training, leave and other disposals of crew, required to ensure adequate availability for designated missions.
  • Proactively monitors and maintains training, qualifications and documents of crew to ensure legality and deployability for missions.
  • Optimally schedules the most suitable crew, ensuring requisite proficiency levels for a given task/ mission
  • Monitors alertness, fatigue and duty limits of crew, to ensure mission accomplishment
  • An integrated Training Management Module consistently delivers high-quality training, thus ensuring skill, competency and operational readiness is maintained at peak levels



Maintenance & Engineering
  • Ensures weapon-systems are maintained at the highest levels of operational readiness while ensuring sustained serviceability
  • Efficiently manages the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, avionics, aero-engines, missiles, radars, communication, radio and nav aids, EW equipment etc.
  • Efficient management of resources, i.e., people, equipment and materials, to ensure that weapon systems are always available to meet operational goals
  • An integrated Logistics and Inventory Management System manages the supply chain by just-in-time (JIT) positioning of equipment and spares, where and when required
  • Quality and compliance is never compromised with the built-in audit and continuous surveillance tools, which ensure maximum state of mission readiness

A centralized and unified database accessible through secure field-portable devices, gives true flexibility of deployment, empowering users with true workflow automation, enabling real-time decision support.