Operating Lessors

For operating lessors, we provide an Aircraft Records Dashboard for full visibility of asset utilization, MRO activities and actual current value of the asset. They can track and monitor the use and abuse of assets and ensure problem-free REDELIVERY with minimized paperwork!

Reports and summaries as-a-service – during a lease term, continuous airworthiness monitoring and utilization status can be streamed directly, at a pre-set frequency into lessor eco-systems from ARMS® EMSS, LIMS, IDMS, FDMA and BIDA. This includes record of compliance audits.

ARMS® FDMA provides aircraft (asset) use and abuse data via reports and dashboards for regular compliance monitoring and raises flags of exceedances and violations.

InfoPrompt® as–a–service helps you go digital and paperless and maintain and access aircraft records with ease. This severely cuts down frantic and expensive effort during redelivery. IDMS becomes the online reference library that provides lessors with anytime, anyplace, access and retrieval of information, on-demand for ready reference.

ARMS® Business Intelligence & Data Analytics (BIDA)provides a health-of-asset dashboard – use and abuse – besides predictive analytics and insights, enabling informed decision making and saving precious effort in framing re-lease strategies.

At end-of-life lessors negotiate from a position of advantage with insurance companies, operators, buyers and lessees, armed with information supported by accurate data. Also, paperless, digitalized and up-to-date documentation, brings down costs at the end-of-lease, from little or no effort needed for consolidation and reconciliation, or involving any 3rd party consultant.