Migrating from legacy to new tech for a large European national carrier, one successful step at a time

The Challenge

  • ARMS® FOSS was chosen as a replacement for Medusa for operations control. The incumbent had multiple loose integrations with other homegrown applications and 3rd party ops systems like Merlin and Nemo.
  • There were multiple data silos, with quality and integrity affected
  • There were roadblocks to interoperability and collaboration between departments resulting in heavy inefficiencies
  • A major task during implementation was to scrub, accurately parameterize and update the IBE operational database and re-inject it with high-integrity data.
  • Implementation saw operational challenges with language and communication: the working language in IBE being Spanish all requirements had to be transcribed through a single point of contact (SPOC) into English, the input language of ARMS®

The Solution

  • Deployment of an updated version of ARMS® FOSS with IBE as its first customer.
  • Keeping implementation challenges and project deadlines in sight, SME and Business Analysts were positioned onsite at the IBE headquarters
  • Speed was added to the discovery and due diligence, and the gathering of key requirements data
  • The team defined clear project success criteria and outlined expectations for both parties, eliminating typical bottlenecks faced downstream in the development phases.
  • A robust delivery model also helped with user hand-holding and faster adoption post implementation

The Result

  • A major upgrade to the IBE OCC with additional functionalities. For example offline capabilities like handling of aircraft records, code share flights, Rules Engine, enhanced movement control features, Report Builder and CDM messages
  • Enhanced versions of weblinks related to Horizontal Situation Display were made available for the first time.
  • A new Slot Manager was custom developed and deployed with which IBE was able to overcome the challenges for managing their airport slots in coordination with ATC and Airport CDMs
  • A Slot Manager dashboard got real-time updates from ATC and Airport CDMs and tracked the flight status through FOSS Integration.
  • With the deployment of an Integrated Operational Control System IBE’s integration capabilities were immediately enhanced.
  • Currently FOSS is being used extensively for fleet watch and flight following.
  • Since its deployment, IBE and ARMS® have added enhancements to the system, e.g., RT messaging and handling of ACARS messages for Fuel Analysis.
  • Currently underway is the system’s migration to AWS cloud and the implementation of EUROCONTROL B2B Webservices for the national carrier.


Congratulations and thanks for the excellent support received during ‘go-live’…Ramiro Oliveira, Director OCC & Crew Planning, Iberia


Thank you for the dedication, effort and push to make ARMS® (FOSS) a reality at IBERIA…Antonio Ruiz, Operations IT Portfolio Manager, Group IT Projects & Application Development, Iberia

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