Startup Airlines

LAMINAAR can help you stay on track and on top of your launch schedule, by:

  • Implementing a state-of-the-art infotech system that is cloud, mobility and analytics ready, taking you digital and paperless from the start;
  • Setting up a unified database and data warehouse on the cloud, to leverage your data for exploitation, analytics and business intelligence
  • Establishing key process areas as per best industry practices, to achieve workflow automation and enhanced efficiency;
  • Augmenting the efforts of your management personnel with our experienced and expert aviation professionals
  • Authoring technical publications, SOPs, company manuals and training content, compliant with regulatory and industry standards

We offer a turnkey solution that is a mix of InfoPrompt®, Delta.Net® and ARMS®:

  • InfoPrompt® to author regulatory documentation,
  • Delta.Net® as a strong scalable foundation for training and managing skills, knowledge and proficiency levels of a growing workforce
  • ARMS® as an integrated and end-to-end solution for managing airline operations.

We will help set up your IOCC before day 1 of operations!