Part M

ARMS® EMSS – engineering and maintenance sub-system- helps Part M organizations achieve maximum uptime and maintenance reliability, through workflow automation based on proven best industry practices.

  • It is a complete ecosystem with built-in checklists, alerts and quality audit tools, that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • It helps Part M organizations stay synchronized with flight movements, being seamlessly integrated with Flight Operations and M&E functions.
  • The system has a in-built just-in-time (JIT) inventory management system and a paperless tech-pubs environment.
  • Also offers predictive analytics from unified, hi-fidelity data.

ARMS® IDMS – integrated document management system – helps Part M organizations to go paperless and have a central information repository. It enables, authoring and editing of Tech Pubs, SOPs and manuals in-house with ease. IDMS digitizes regulatory paperwork into eDocs, enabling reference to manuals, SOPs, checklists in knowledge libraries (e-libraries and archives), as also, secure dissemination to users online.

ARMS® Mobility provides anytime, anyplace connectivity with the system over web browser, tablets and smartphones. Users can collaborate, communicate, interact and consult in real time, as also, sign-on / sign-off and close-loop documentation. Reporting and monitoring of tasks can also be done on mobile interfaces.

Services: Our services team can project manage any system integration task, including data migration, conducting training, providing documentation and digitization support.